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UR Tranzit

Welcome to UR Tranzit, where we combine the ancient wisdom of the past with the dynamic future of the present. Our name, Unlimited Reach Technology, shows our relentless passion to discover the cutting-edge innovations that change the transportation landscape.​We are inspired by the ancient city of UR in Mesopotamia, where the wheel first changed transportation forever,​Join us as we redefine transportation, overcoming conventional limits and creating new opportunities. Together, let's go on an amazing journey of innovation, where tradition and modernity work together to shape the future of mobility. 

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Our Mission

Transforming technology, touching lives. 

To innovate, design, and deliver highly efficient, sustainable, and affordable mobility solutions, tailored to the unique needs of the Middle East and Africa. The company commits to pioneering technological advancements, fostering strategic partnerships, and engaging with local communities, thereby contributing to regional growth, environmental sustainability, and improved quality of life.

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Our Vision

To create a world where people are connected, supported and empowered.

Our Values:
Humane, Trust & Inclusivity.

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Our values of humane, trust and inclusivity are at the heart of our work. We strive to create a safe and supportive space for our stakeholders.

Our team

One team, global presence. 

UR Tranzit is a company that was born out of a shared passion for technology, transportation and high quality.

We wanted to create a unique business and brand that embodies their vision of bringing cutting-edge transportation solutions to the market.

Together we have formed a formidable team that combines expertise, experience and passion to create UR Tranzit, a company that aims to revolutionize the transportation industry with innovative solutions that improve lives and communities.

From Europe, to Asia to Africa we are present in several countries and expanding. 



JUl, 2023:UR Tranzit appointed as consultant for Al Naboodah Automobiles 
Jun, 2023:UR Tranzit signs exclusive distribution agreement with GTK China
May, 2023:UR Tranzit signs MOU with Q-Auto Qatar 
May, 2023:UR Tranzit signs MOU with Master Bus Manufacturer  in Taiwan 
Feb, 2023:UR Tranzit opens its branch in Iraq and signs with Spana Auto. 

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